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Asia's largest wholesale market
Welcome to Sadar Bazaar is the largest wholesale market of household items in Delhi, India.
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     Sadar Bazaar is the largest wholesale market of household items in Delhi, India, and is located at the western side of Khari Baoli. Like other major markets of Old Delhi, this market also feels very crowded and buzzes with activity. Although it is mainly a general industry, it also fits periodic retail store customers. However Due to the actual amounts that are exchanged here every day, a trip to the industry may be known as neurological excess. The renowned Sadar bazaar would be separated into various sub marketplaces for instance local pratap industry, local swadeshi industry, local teliwara a wood industry etc.

However being much identified as the main middle of city of old Delhi area it is not amazing to know that the property prices are at their size. At present, the industry not only greatly offers in family products but also in various other products such as kid’s toys and funny games, great replica local jewelry and many invitations. And From genuine Native Indian food, special treats and candies of more than around 100 kinds, there are also lots of filter paths with many stores selling notorious China products, great outfits, branded shoes and amazing set products, electronic and local customer products and many other. The local area, even big so than the rest of the local city, is very populated. This is a great place local intricacies which is fried in genuine ghee (or also called clarified butter) and often. The industry would be disorderly but to experience city of Delhi area in its totality, a trip to the renowned Sadar Bazaar area is essential.

Sadar Bazar Market in Delhi comprises of numerous sub-markets. To name the most famous among them are:

  • Pratap Market
  • Timber or Teliwara Market
  • Swadeshi Market

Opening hour of Sadar Bazar Market

     The Market remains open everyday from 8am to 10pm IST except Sunday for the convenience of people. This market area remains over crowded throughout the day.

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Sadar Bazaar Delhi
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